Covid 19 update

04 January 2021

As a tradesperson carrying out essential repairs and maintenance in your home, our subcontractors are able to undertake work, providing that they, and you, our client, are well and have no symptoms of Coronavirus. No work will be carried out by a tradesperson, who has Coronavirus symptoms, however mild, or when someone in their own household has symptoms.

We also offer alternatives to a visit, such as a phone or video call.

If we plan to visit you, we will agree the procedures in advance.

We will notify you in advance of our arrival. On entry to your home our tradesmen will use hand sanitiser gel or wash their hands using soap and water for 20 seconds. They will use hand sanitiser gel or wash their hands regularly, and when leaving the property.

Our tradesmen will maintain a safe distance (at least 2 metres) from any household occupants at all times and ensure good ventilation in the area where they are working, including opening a window or door, wherever possible.

  • Prior arrangements will be made with vulnerable people to avoid any face-to-face contact – for example, when answering the door.
  • To maintain social distancing and a safe environment in your home, if possible, we would prefer a separate entrance/exit to your property, which is to be used solely by the tradesmen. Preferably this needs to be the easiest route for delivery of appliances/kitchen furniture.
  • We will kindly ask you to stay in a separate room while the work is carried out. If this is not possible, you should stay as far away from the tradesmen as possible.
  • Wherever possible, the tradesmen will work alone, unless this is not practicable or where this is part of their daily working practice. For example, there may be two kitchen Fitters. If there is more than 1 tradesman then they will maintain a safe distance, wherever possible.
  • We advise all tradesmen to use personal protective equipment where necessary including masks. We kindly request that all customers maintain the 2 metre social distancing from tradesmen.
  • Separate bathroom facilities for tradesman are kindly appreciated, if possible. Please discuss any concerns regarding hygiene with our tradesmen prior to or during their visit.
  • We will be particularly strict about hand washing and respiratory hygiene, using a tissue or covering our mouth/nose if sneezing/coughing and washing hands or using hand sanitiser gel.
  • The tradesmen will leave the site as clean and tidy as possible but please clean areas prior to use.

We request that work is not inspected until completed, to ensure the minimum amount of traffic through the workspace. We encourage conversations, face to face, at a safe distance or by telephone to discuss any aspects of your work to ensure you are kept fully updated.

Please let us know if you are clinically extremely vulnerable, shielding or have any other concerns.

We are fully committed to taking all precautions to keep you and our tradesmen safe.

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